There are no surprises in the overview of the visits to in December. Just like every year, many people are on vacation during the holiday season, and that's made perfectly clear in the Google Analytics report:

No records were broken this month (as was to be expected):

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2013 397,290 122,381 3947 70,996
February 2013 366,426 112,764 4027 65,666
March 2013 388,294 118,540 3824 69,761
April 2013 394,965 121,199 4040 70,874
May 2013 400,512 123,956 3999 71,803
June 2013 367,090 116,821 3894 67,214
July 2013 385,160 122,254 3944 68,955
August 2013 346,176 109,103 3519 63,094
September 2013 379,679 111,986 3733 66,401
October 2013 421,976 123,344 3979 75,126
November 2013 381,770 111,491 3716 71,392
December 2013 340,770 100,043 3227 62,170

If we compare 2013 to 2012, we see something strange:

Comparing 2013 with 2012

We have broken the record of unique visitors (+0.69%). The increase of the percentage of new visitors (+5.60%) also seems to indicate that we've reached more people than last year (but this increase may have a different cause).

In any case: less people (-1.25%) left after visiting a single page, and they stayed on the site for a longer time (+10.54%).

But the total number of visits dropped by 4.40% and the number of page views by 6.09%, resulting in a lower number of pages viewed per visit (-1.77%). Part of the loss of page views can be explained when we compare the graphic for 2013 with the one for 2012:

Comparing 2013 with 2012

We see a clear anomaly in the orange graph. This was caused by an error on the web site; single visits were accidentally counted twice. You see the effect of this error in the page views, pages per visit and bounce rate. However: this error doesn't account for all the lost page views and it had no effect whatsoever on the number of visits.

I'm not sure how to interpret these results. We reach more people who stay on the site for a significantly longer time, but they pay less visits to the iText site and when they do, they visit less pages. Can we conclude that visitors need to browse through less pages because the information is easier to find after the redesign of the site in October 2013? I don't know, but we do see more unique visitors as well as page views since the new web site is online. We don't see any effect on the number of visits (yet).

The most significant change, is the percentage of new visits, which increased significantly in November:

Comparing 2013 with 2012

What changed? Well, I do remember that I upgraded of the JavaScript for Google Analytics (as recommended by Google); maybe this messed up the stats in a way that returning visitors were counted as new visitors. This is just a guess.

When we look at the countries from which the iText site is visited, we see that the US, India and Germany are still dominating the top 20, followed by China and Italy:

Countries visiting in 2013

The US and Germany are #1 and #2 in our sales results, but sales in India are very poor. One reason could be the fact that the visits from India generate sales in other countries of the world that outsource their development to India, but that's probably only a partial reason. I think it's safe to assume that there is still plenty of unlicensed use of iText in Asia. For instance: we don't have any sales yet in China, yet China is the #4 visitor. We really have to look into having sales representation in those countries.