As predicted a month ago, we didn't break any Google Analytics records in April. We had the Easter holidays and the eve of another holiday (the first of May is Labor day in many countries) and that shows in the number of visits on the site:

Note that visits are now called sessions by Google. Unique visitors are now users. I upgraded the Google Analytics account and updated the tracker id about an hour ago. I hope I didn't make any mistakes that skew the results next month. Anyway: this is the updated overview of the year so far:

Month Page views Sessions Sessions/day Users/month
January 2014 461,462 128,391 4,142 75,623
February 2014 428,414 124,795 4,457 74,668
March 2014 483,414 139,614 4,503 82,471
April 2014 455,720 131,620 4,387 78,299

All in all, these aren't bad numbers as the numbers for April 2014 were better than those of any month in 2013.