The sales team has broken some records this month, and so did the web site:

We've broken the record of page views dating from January 2014, the record of visits dating from March 2012, and the record of unique visitors a month dating from January 2014. The only record we didn't break was the record of visits a day dating from February 2012 (4,505 is two more than the result in March 2014):

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2014 461,462 128,391 4,142 75,623
February 2014 428,414 124,795 4,457 74,668
March 2014 483,414 139,614 4,503 82,471

We're already looking forward to April, curious to see if we'll be able to grow in spite of the Easter Holidays and the fact that April only has 30 days.