If you'd asked me how the month of April was, I'd answer: is that month over already? I flew from Belgium to California, from California to Massachusetts, and then back to Belgium. The month was over before it started. And what about the web site? Did it suffer from the Easter holidays? Let's take a look:

We see a dip on Good Friday and Easter Monday (which is a holiday in many countries) and we also see a dip on April 30 (because the 1st of May is a holiday in many countries), but all in all, the month was good:

Month Page views Sessions Sessions/day Users/month
January 2015 441,093 143,510 4,629 76,592
February 2015 438,502 139,433 4,980 72,799
March 2015 487,545 157,998 5097 82,457
April 2015 451,922 147,071 4,902 76,718

We didn't break any records (we didn't expect to either), but when compared to the other months so far in 2015, and certainly when compared to 2014, we can say that the web site did really well in April.