When we look at the sales results, December 2015 broke all previous records. We reached and exceeded the target for the quarter as well as the target for the year, but I can't say that I'm happy with the results of the web site in December.

The site didn't perform as well as in December 2014.< But what's worse, the overall results of 2015 are worrying me:

Month Page views Sessions Sessions/day Users/month
January 2015 441,093 143,510 4,629 76,592
February 2015 438,502 139,433 4,980 72,799
March 2015 487,545 157,998 5097 82,457
April 2015 451,922 147,071 4,902 76,718
May 2015 446,320 148,418 4,788 77,935
June 2015 456,317 152,378 5,079 79,671
July 2015 442,992 146,424 4,723 75,971
August 2015 410,003 134,759 4,347 69,986
September 2015 442,912 144,230 4,808 73,864
October 2015 441,047 145,595 4,697 75,333
November 2015 398,237 132,033 4,401 68,750
December 2015 345,760 118,331 3,817 62,127

If we compare the different metrics, we had more visits (sessions) in 2015, but less unique visitors, less pageviews, and a worse bounce rate:

Comparing 2015 with 2014

Let's not fool ourselves: the increase in visits is due to a very good first half of the year:

Comparing 2015 with 2014

We clearly see that the number of sessions drops at the start of November. At first I thought this was caused by the switch to the new web site. However, we only released the new web site at the end of November and the decrease starts at the start of November.

In the months to come, I'll examine the possible reasons for this decrease. Maybe we're not counting all the pages that are viewed. This was certainly true the first day after the release of the new web site. We were using the wrong Google Analytics ID, which made us miss a day's worth of metrics.

Another reason could be that Google started punishing us for not being mobile friendly in November. This is now fixed with the new web site, but the effect of the new web site may be delayed.

I also saw another strange phenomenon. When I looked at the overview of the sessions world-wide, I saw a significant drop in visits from China:

Comparing 2015 with 2014: China

The first dip is caused by the Chinese New Year. You see a similar dip in 2014 as well as in 2015. However, we see another dip in May and a three-week dip in November. What happened with the Chinese visits in November? This corresponds with the overall dip in November... Plenty of food for thoughts. I'm sure we'll find a way to improve the performance of the new web site. To be continued...