Hmmmz, september looks suspiciously like July in terms of web site activity.

Looking at the table for the full year, it's as Summer isn't over yet:
MonthPage viewsSessionsSessions/dayUsers/month
January 2015441,093143,5104,62976,592
February 2015438,502139,4334,98072,799
March 2015487,545157,998509782,457
April 2015451,922147,0714,90276,718
May 2015446,320148,4184,78877,935
June 2015456,317152,3785,07979,671
July 2015442,992146,4244,72375,971
August 2015410,003134,7594,34769,986
September 2015442,912144,2304,80873,864

What might explain the fact that September wasn't as good as expected? We don't see this phenomenon when we look at the sales figures. Sales results show that the slow Summer months are behind us. So why don't we see better web site statistics for September?

I think I know: I'm usually very active on StackOverflow. I write examples in answer to questions and these examples are published on the web site. In September, I had to travel a lot: I was in Silicon Valley, in New York City and in South-Korea. Because of this, I answered less questions than usual. I didn't know my (in)activity on StackOverflow had such an impact...

We'll try to fix that with a brand new web site that is almost ready from a technical point of view. However, we now have to add content to the site and that might take yet another month...