Apart from the fact that we had plenty of rain in Belgium, what did June bring in terms of the iText web site?

It wasn't raining hits, and with a 30-day month it's hard to break absolute records, but we had the second best result for visits a day after our traditional record breaking month March.

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2016 378,381 125,716 4,055 66,100
February 2016 397,658 133,016 4,587 70,277
March 2016 441,774 149,283 4,816 78,105
April 2016 407,244 131,073 4,369 70,222
May 2016 442,446 141,620 4,568 76,025
June 2016 439,942 140,014 4,667 73,711

Those are good results. Normally, traffic will slow down in July and August, but I'm happy with the steadiness of the site in the first half of 2016. When we compare 16H1 with 15H1 (the old web site), we're still behind, but the results for 16H1 are already better than 15H2 (when we introduced the new web site), and that's a good sign.