I've been looking forward to the Google Analytics results of March:

Are they as promising as I hoped?

We see a small dip due to the start of the Easter holidays, but the numbers are promising:

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2016 378,381 125,716 4,055 66,100
February 2016 397,658 133,016 4,587 70,277
March 2016 441,774 149,283 4,816 78,105

That's not quite as good as March last year, where we had an all-time record, but it's not a bad result. There were only two months in 2015 where we had more unique visitors. Four months in 2015 had more visits a day. This means that some of the efforts we've done to counter the dip in visits after we released the new web site have had an impact. We're not there yet, but we're getting closer.