I know I'm late with the statistics for May, but here they are:

The statistics look great, but they aren't entirely correct. Due to a test that went wrong, the number of hits on May 4th is higher than it should be. Many of the hits on that day were "self-inflicted". Too bad, we'll have to do with the numbers we have.

We'll never know if we'd have broken records if we hadn't made that mistake. Now we'll have to wait for September and October to get some accurate numbers, because June, July and August are traditionally slow months...

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2016 378,381 125,716 4,055 66,100
February 2016 397,658 133,016 4,587 70,277
March 2016 441,774 149,283 4,816 78,105
April 2016 407,244 131,073 4,369 70,222
May 2016 442,446 141,620 4,568 76,025