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Google Analytics - June 2015

This was the heartbeat of the iText web site in June:

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Google Analytics - May 2015

There are too many holidays in May ;-)

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Google Analytics - April 2015

If you'd asked me how the month of April was, I'd answer: is that month over already? I flew from Belgium to California, from California to Massachusetts, and then back to Belgium. The month was over before it started. And what about the web site? Did it suffer from the Easter holidays? Let's take a look:

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Google Analytics - March 2015

Last year, the month of March broke some records that lasted for almost a year. What did March 2015 have in store for us?

Hmm... This looks like a healthy heart beat, but show us the numbers!

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The heart is deceitful above all things

"Soms moet je van je hart een steen maken."

Dat was één van de wijsheden waarmee mijn ouders mij opgevoed hebben. Soms moet je dingen doen die je echt niet wil doen, maar je doet ze omdat ze nodig zijn. Dat kan gaan van een avondje thuisblijven om te studeren voor een belangrijk examen in plaats van uit te gaan met je lief, over het afgeven van een huisdier aan de dierenarts voor een laatste spuitje, tot je gevoel noodgedwongen op nul zetten als je je kind moet bijstaan bij de zoveelste chemokuur.

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Google Analytics - February 2015

Oops, I totally forgot to make the overview of the month of February three weeks ago:

I was so busy that I didn't look at the performance of the web site.

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Google Analytics — January 2015

First month of the year, first Google Analytics graph of iText's heartbeat:

What can we conclude?

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Winter bash hats

Last year, I collected 12 hats in StackOverflow's Winter Bash. This year, I have 15 hats:

I could get some more, for instance by deleting one of my own answers, or by doing complicated things such as voting to close a question, edit the question, and then reopen the question, but I'm not that obsessed by those hats ;-)
I collect hats because it's fun ;-)

Winter bash

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Google Analytics — December 2014

Wow, the web site has broken all records in 2014, but before we dive into the numbers for the whole year, let's take a look at the heartbeat of the web site in December:

No surprises there: we clearly see the expected dip during the holidays.

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MMxiv: Memorable Moments '14

Last year, I posted a blog post called MMxiii: Memorable Moments '13. A similar blog post has already been published for iText: MMxiv: Memorable Moments '14, and although iText consumes more than 90% of our personal life, let's take a look what 2014 had in store for us personally.


In January, we became home-owners in the US. After a long real-estate hunt, we finally found ourselves a nice little condo in the heart of Silicon Valley:

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