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Source Sans Pro: a high-quality open source font by Adobe

People know Adobe because of the Create Suite, PhotoShop, Acrobat, InDesign,... but it all started with a small company that developed the PostScript language and a font specification named Type 1. The products we all know and love didn't exist yet, in its early years, Adobe made money selling fonts.
That was a really long time ago. Adobe was founded in 1982, I was 12 years old at that time (I bought my first computer at that age, a TI-99/4A). Thirty years later, Adobe released its first open source font: Source Sans Pro.

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Google Analytics — July 2012

From previous years I know that "Vacation = less traffic on". Let's see if this is true:

Well, that doesn't tell us much, except that the heartbeat of iText is still healthy. There's only one visible dent in the graph: that's the 4th of July.

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Books I've read last month

Two long flights over the atlantic, two weeks in a hotel in the US, one week in the hospital with my son, that was my month of July, and these are the books I've read during that period.

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iText 5.3.1 — XML Worker 1.1.5

I've been in the hospital with my son since Thursday. Before you ask: all is well with him. He had bone cancer in 2008, and he needed a prosthesis. As a result, he now needs a 'leg extension' on a regular basis. As long as his healthy leg grows, he'll need operations to make the other leg 'match'. The surgery went well. If it weren't for the fact that he has to get antibiotics intravenously until next Tuesday, he'd be allowed to go home. Of course: he'll be in a wheelchair for a while. After such an operation, the muscles in his leg are stretched making it impossible for him to bend his leg. He then needs to do exercises to make his muscles adapt to the new length.

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Our trip to the US as seen by Google Latitude

Day 1: trains, planes and automobiles.
We took a cab to Antwerp, the train to Amsterdam, the plane to Dulles.

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Google Analytics — June 2012

We're back in Belgium after two weeks in the US. High time to look at our Google Analytics pages for June:

Nothing special, just business as usual as predicted.

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Business meetings on the East Coast...

During our previous visit to California, we were invited to Washington DC by the CEO of an American Company. We also wanted to visit Dries (Acquia, Drupal) in Boston, so we planned our vacation so that it started in Washington DC and ended in Boston.

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Ready for a rainy summer

All books were bought in second hand stores or book sales. I think I've spent less than 60 euro for the lot.

Signing a PDF with a smart card

Writing about technical topics is fun because it's a job that allows you to try out a variety of things before you actually start writing about it. This morning, the first 30 pages of my white paper about digital signatures were sent to all the subscribers of our news letter. I'm very curious about the feedback I'll get.

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Early Access Preview: Digital Signatures in PDF

After writing my second book in 2010, I thought it would take me another 3 years before my taste for writing would return, but no: I'm very eager to write new material, and I'm grumpy if other work gets in the way.

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