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A very long time, I made a Facebook page for iText, but as I wasn't a Facebook user myself, I neglected that page. Recently, I updated my own account:

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A Google+ API written in Java

Michael, one of our iText developers, is currently working on a project that involves interfacing with different social media services to create PDFs using data (posts, photos, movies,...) aggregated from different online sources (your Twitter account, your Flickr account, your Youtube channel,...). Often there are APIs available, although the documentation isn't always as good as it should be. Sometimes there's an API that doesn't work as expected. For instance: the API for Google+.

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Praktijkboek Informaticarecht

This blogpost is in Dutch because it's about a book written in Dutch.

Vorige week ontving ik het 'Het Praktijkboek Informaticarecht: Recht rendeert voor uw onderneming' van Ywein Van den Brande (Crealaw):

Ik was eigenlijk van plan wat programmeerwerk te doen dit weekend, maar ik dacht gisterennamiddag: laat ik toch maar eens het eerste hoofdstuk beginnen. En raar maar waar: ik heb de 198 pagina's in één ruk uitgelezen.

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Heroku / Salesforce follow-up

Last Monday, we met Isabelle at Heroku, last Wednesday, we met James at the Silicon Valley WebJUG, and we talked to different people at SalesForce on Thursday.
Now that we're back home, it's time to digest everything we've learned, and one of the first items on our TODO-list, is to create a proof of concept on Heroku. We want to create a simple service in the Cloud written in Java and using iText. Jeroen has already taken the first hurdle: Writing a Heroku Addon in Java. Coming up next: introduciong iText on Heroku!

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I've seen your book...

Always nice. Thank you Pascal!

Stormy weather in Belgium

We've had stormy weather for a couple of days now. I still managed to go to the office on my bicycle, but this tree in our garden didn't survive the storm:

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News from the iText developers' front

When you work at iText, part of the job is doing iText projects and iText development, but there's more. If we want to be successful at what we do, we need to stay alert, and research all kinds of new technologies and evolutions. There's also a general rule at iText: whatever we learn, we document.
That's why I'm proud to present the following articles:

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Minor update

Seems like Google Analytics does some post-processing on the numbers of absolute unique visitors:

So instead of 680,775 thank you's, I only had to say thank you 680,581 times ;-)

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Using your Google account on multiple devices

Today I noticed a strange phenomenon when inspecting my personal Google Latitude page. I would have expected something like this:

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I saw your book in the book store

When my first book was released, I used to go to the local book stores in Belgium to find out if they had a copy of my book. Most of the times they didn't, so I asked them to order one because: if your book isn't on the shelve, it won't get bought. However: as "iText in Action" isn't a book for a broad audience (it's intended for developers who want to create PDF documents), not many copies were sold in the average book store (FNAC, Standaard Boekhandel,...). As it was my first book, I couldn't resist entering these stores every time I was in the neighborhood, just to say hello to my book.

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