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Google Analytics — April 2012

As predicted, the statistics for April aren't as good as usual because of the Spring break and the Easter holidays:

These vacation periods may not be visible in the heartbeat of the 'visits', you can clearly see it in the graph of the Alexa ranking:

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Book sales update

We found a huge pile of mail after returning home, and now I'm going through all the letters, invoices and other mail we received in the last few weeks. One of the letters I received contained the book sales for 11Q4. For some reason, people are still buying the first edition. In the world of IT books, you have a bestseller as soon as you can sell 5,000 copies. And yes: the second book is now at 5,394 copies. That makes it official: I've written a second bestseller!

Google Analytics — March 2012

We had a successful summit a week ago, I taught an iText course in Paris this week, and now I'm preparing for a business trip to the US next week. This means I have plenty of work, and very little time to blog. I didn't even have time to look at the Google Analytics results for March until today:

Did we break any records?

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iText 5.2.1 — XML Worker 1.1.3

I'm preparing to teach an iText class in Paris, and to give some demo's in Oakland. I'm currently making a new set of examples for some new chapters I'm going to write (maybe a third book, not a revision of the second edition, but a book with some advanced topics). Whilst making examples to explain the different options available in XML Worker, I found some bugs and I also thought about some functionality that was missing.

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Friday morning - Friday afternoon: the difference

One of the only features I use in the new Google Analytics:
What does the world look like when seen from iText in Belgium at 10:30 in the morning?

What does the world look like when seen from iText in Belgium at 16:30 in the afternoon?

iText Summit: the slides

09:00AM - 09:30AM Welcome and program overview
Frank Gielen, COO of the iText Software Group
09:30AM - 10:30AM The importance of standards

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Dank u, Daniella!

Gisteren kreeg ik deze oproep:

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Business models: Bookboon and iText

A while ago, I read an announcement about BookBoon. It was about quality ebooks on a plethora of different subjects, and as it's our mission to enable a paperless world, pushing the limits of digital document interactivity, I visited the site and I discovered that Bookboon allows you to download quality content in the form of PDF documents.

Moreover these books were offered for free and it's totally legal to download them. How is that possible? How do these guys make money? What is their business model? Is there a business model? Of course, there is! But first let's take a look at the site:

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Two blogs about Scala

In our series 'blogs by iText developers', we focus on Scale with two articles by Jeroen:

We're already looking forward to some more articles!


A very long time, I made a Facebook page for iText, but as I wasn't a Facebook user myself, I neglected that page. Recently, I updated my own account:

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