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Books I've read last month

No, the month isn't over yet, but if I wait until the end of the month, my blog post will be too long. In June, July and August, I demonstrated my taste for comics and graphic novels, and as you can see in the picture below, I didn't lose that taste; on the contrary!

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Books, comics and graphic novels

I'm an avid reader, and I love my library:

When I first posted this picture on my blog, I received responses such as Wow, that's awesome! but actually there's more:

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Books I've read last month

This is good time for my monthly post about the books I've read:

As you can see, I've been reading more graphics novels this month.

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Vacation stats

August seems to be slightly better than July:

But that's also true for other companies:

Note that the number of visits went up just after the release ;-)

Google Analytics — July 2011

Last month, I wrote that I expected a couple of slow months for The stats for July confirm this.

Compared to other sites however, the number of visits during the Summer vacation period didn't drop dramatically:

In spite of a lower number of visits, the ranking of last month improved when compared to the ranking of June (and May, and April,...).
We still have an average of more than 3,000 visits a day:

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Books I've read last month

Looking at the stack of books I've read in July, you may have the impression that I had more time this month than I had in June:

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Met uw hightechbedrijf de grens over (FIT)

Toen ik op kantoor binnenkwam met het boekje Met uw hightechbedrijf de grens over van Flanders Investment & Trade, was de reactie unaniem: Moet jij dat nog lezen? Je weet daar toch al alles van? Een gelijkaardige reactie kreeg ik op Google+

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Reading ISO specs

Today is the day I'll try to work away my backlog regarding mails from the NBN. The NBN is the Belgian standardq organization. I became a member of the NBN earlier this year, and as a result I'm receiving drafts for standards to review. A while back, I posted some comments with respect to PDF/UA, but I never had the time to follow up what happened with those suggestions. I know that PDF/UA would be one of the specs discussed in Salt Lake City in May, but I didn't have the time to read the reports up until today.

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Vacation stats: GA vs Alexa

As predicted, the site statistics for July won't be as good as the statistics for June. This can be shown in a graphic comparing the first three weeks of July to three weeks in June:

You can clearly see the effect of the American National Holiday (4th of July); you can also see that nor the Flemish holiday (July 11), nor the Belgian National holiday (July 21) have any influence on the heartbeat of iText ;-)

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