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Importing the CAcert root certificate as trusted root in Adobe Reader

This blogpost is an answer to a follow up question on the iText forum. I deliberately disallowed the use of images on that forum, but I need some screen shots to show that the message "The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified." isn't a real issue.
When I open a PDF that is signed using a CAcert public/private key pair, I used to get this message (click the image for more detail):

This is normal, because the CAcert Root Certificate isn't shipped with Adobe Reader by default. You need to add it yourself.

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Trademark scams

If I didn't know better, I'd almost had a heart attack when I opened my (snail) mailbox this morning. On one and the same day, I received three letters that looked as if they were invoices for a total amount of about $7,500 (click the images for more detail): RIPT WDTP
$2,692.50 $2,662.50 1.629,00 euro

Fortunately, I immediately recognized the letters. I had already received one right after my application for a Trademark for iText®was published.

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Books I've read last month

My name is Bruno Lowagie, and I'm a reader.
Hi Bruno!
I've read five books since Januari 21st.
Tell us about them, Bruno.

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Reading a book saves time

I was really pleased when I saw this tweet from Claire Botman:

seriously loving iTextSharp since I finally bought the iText book after struggling for too long, thankyou @bruno1970 for all your hard work

The idea of the book is to give you a jump-start, so that you don't loose valuable time trying to understand what PDF is about. Thank you for your kind words, Claire!

Google Analytics — January 2011

A month ago, I evaluated my sites in 2010. In November, iText had the highest average of visits a day (3001) as well as the highest number of unique visitors (57,090). Let's take a look and find out if we were able to beat these numbers in January 2011:

Ah, I love the heartbeat of a good Open Source project. And what do we see? An average of 3002 visits a day and 58,830 unique visitors! A new record!

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Three flat tires in two weeks

I stopped working for Ghent University on October 1st, and in the first three months I gained 5kg. On January first there was 80kg of Bruno Lowagie on the world. Sure, the holiday season is responsible for part of these kilos, but there were two other culprits: I had more business lunches (at least once a week) and I worked from home, meaning I don't have to jump on my bicycle to go to work anymore.

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Books I've read last month

A month ago, I wrote a blog about reading. I made a list of the books I had read recently, and I started reading "Crime and Punishment". Today we are one month and four days later, and during that period, I've read the following books:

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Bruno Lowagie se dévoile

French is a beautiful language, isn't it? Under the title "Bruno Lowagie reveals himself in Action", Zenika, a French consultancy company, announces my book presentation in Paris on March 10.

I already blogged about this a couple of days ago, but this is the final text:

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Warning: wrong cover on old book page at Amazon

I just checked my affiliate commissions at Amazon, and I was very surprised to see that the sales of the 1st edition went up again. Why would people buy the first edition if there's a second edition available?

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"iText in Action" in Paris

Last week, I received in invitation to go to Paris for a book promotion. We picked a date (March 10) and I wrote an abstract in French:

Bruno Lowagie, l'auteur de la librairie Java-PDF iText, vous présente la deuxième édition de son livre "iText in Action." D'abord, Bruno fera une comparaison des deux éditions, expliquant son choix de changer l'ordre des chapîtres et d'écrire une série d'examples toute nouvelle.

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