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The impact of Twitter, LinkedIn, FB on two blog posts

In my previous post, I showed the graph of the visits to in general. I wrote that you one specific blogpost was responsible for a huge peak on March 31. This inspired me to look at the stats of the two most important pages of March. The first one is the Invoice demo page.

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Google Analytics — March 2011

Every month, I post the results of the site on Google Analytics, and I add the results of as an extra. This time, I'll do it the other way around. You'll immediately notice why:

On March 31, the number of hits doubled from about 250 to about 500. Why? Because of a single blog post in Dutch: Ondernemer tegen wil en dank that was plugged on different places.
In my next blog post, we'll analyze this page as well as the stats of another popular blog post.

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The iText Office: round 2

I still can't work in the official iText office. Next week, we'll start round two of the decoration works:

The office is split in half. This is the upper half:

This is the lower half:

They'll start with the ceiling (hence the division in two). Then they'll do the walls. Finally, we'll get a new floor.

Books I've read last week

In my previous "books I've read" blogpost, I discovered I didn't succeed meeting my goal of reading at least one book each week, so I did an effort to catch up.
I continued reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and I've read the 6th (and final) nominated book for the "Little Cervantes Award":

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The iText Office Floor (update 3)

Now that the floor is stable, the works can continue. You probably remember the library:

Take a couple of steps back, and this is what you see:

The floor is full of plaster and paper:

There's still plenty of work to do before this can be our office:

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Books I've read last month

I didn't have much time recently; I've read four books since February 13th. That's less than the one book a week I was planning to read. Moreover, I've only read rather short books:

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The iText Office Floor (update 2)

The culprits
Rusty beams that were no longer able to support the masonry:

These were removed (see previous blog posts), and now there's:
The solution
An armed concrete floor:

Can I now safely return to my office?
Unfortunately not: next week, they'll redo the ceiling, floor and walls.

The iText Office Floor (update)



The future of iText

At the end of my presentation at Zenika, I talked about the future of iText. What started as 5 ideas for 2011 are now 7 ideas. Some of those ideas involve months of development, others only involve a couple of weeks. These are the ideas I started with:

  • We need a better HTMLWorker
  • We should start working on XFA to PDF conversion
  • What about Digital Signatures: PAdES, timestamps,...?
  • I'd like an Eclipse plug-in for iText
  • Can we create an iText port for Android?

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The iText Office Floor...

... is currently not accessible:

I like the fact that our office is housed in a 100+ year old villa, but once in a while, you experience some disadvantages. The beams that were used in the floor were completely rusty and the masonry of the arches was deteriorating fast. I hope we have a new floor soon, because I'm not working in ideal circumstances right now.


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