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The iText Office Floor (update 2)

The culprits
Rusty beams that were no longer able to support the masonry:

These were removed (see previous blog posts), and now there's:
The solution
An armed concrete floor:

Can I now safely return to my office?
Unfortunately not: next week, they'll redo the ceiling, floor and walls.

The iText Office Floor (update)



The future of iText

At the end of my presentation at Zenika, I talked about the future of iText. What started as 5 ideas for 2011 are now 7 ideas. Some of those ideas involve months of development, others only involve a couple of weeks. These are the ideas I started with:

  • We need a better HTMLWorker
  • We should start working on XFA to PDF conversion
  • What about Digital Signatures: PAdES, timestamps,...?
  • I'd like an Eclipse plug-in for iText
  • Can we create an iText port for Android?

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The iText Office Floor...

... is currently not accessible:

I like the fact that our office is housed in a 100+ year old villa, but once in a while, you experience some disadvantages. The beams that were used in the floor were completely rusty and the masonry of the arches was deteriorating fast. I hope we have a new floor soon, because I'm not working in ideal circumstances right now.

Three days in Paris

A mini-iText conference, an interview and a business dinner at Le Pré Catalan. Those were three days in Paris well spent. But now back to day-to-day business. Let's take a look at out mailbox...

Tomorrow: iText conference in Paris


Bruno Lowagie, l'auteur de la librairie Java-PDF iText, sera exceptionnellement en France pour vous présenter les nouveautés de la deuxième édition de son livre "iText in Action".

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Google Analytics — February 2011

I don't like February, because it's a month that shows a dip in every curve: less days = less hits, less visitors, less sales too. For instance: in January, we had 58,830 unique visitors; in February we only had 58,257 (which isn't bad at all: 99% of the result in only 90% of the days). The heart beat of the project also looks healthy:

In January, the record of average visitors a day of November 2010, was beaten by one unit: 3002 instead of 3001 visitors a day. This record was broken once more in February with an average of 3285 visits a day.

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Importing the CAcert root certificate as trusted root in Adobe Reader

This blogpost is an answer to a follow up question on the iText forum. I deliberately disallowed the use of images on that forum, but I need some screen shots to show that the message "The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified." isn't a real issue.
When I open a PDF that is signed using a CAcert public/private key pair, I used to get this message (click the image for more detail):

This is normal, because the CAcert Root Certificate isn't shipped with Adobe Reader by default. You need to add it yourself.

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Trademark scams

If I didn't know better, I'd almost had a heart attack when I opened my (snail) mailbox this morning. On one and the same day, I received three letters that looked as if they were invoices for a total amount of about $7,500 (click the images for more detail): RIPT WDTP
$2,692.50 $2,662.50 1.629,00 euro

Fortunately, I immediately recognized the letters. I had already received one right after my application for a Trademark for iText®was published.

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Books I've read last month

My name is Bruno Lowagie, and I'm a reader.
Hi Bruno!
I've read five books since Januari 21st.
Tell us about them, Bruno.

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