Filmfestival Gent, dag 2

Dan toch geen 4 films vandaag. The Canyons raakte niet vlug genoeg gedownload naar de bioskoop voor de persvisie (zo gaat dat de dag van vandaag). Dus zagen we vanmorgen enkel deze twee films:

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Filmfestival Gent, dag 1

Vandaag opent het filmfestival van Gent officieel zijn deuren, maar gisteren zagen we al onze eerste twee films in persvisie:

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Google Analytics — September 2013

As promised: better stats than we had in August!

We started off slowly with labor day, and we only had 30 days instead of 31, but towards the end of the month, the numbers really started to get better.

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iText 5.4.4

iText 5.4.4 has been released! Read the release notes and the changelog!

Two more flights this year

iText Software Group: beschrijving

Ik zie dat de geselecteerden van de FAST 50 vorig jaar in de Trends werden voorgesteld in zo'n 100 tot 150 woorden. Ik heb eens een poging gedaan om dit met de iText Software Group te doen:

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Google Analytics — August 2013

Summer is over, and so will be the lower-than-average Google Analytics results. This was August:

There's one major anomaly, but it can easily be explained. August 15 is a national holiday in many countries, and you can see a dent in the chart on that particular Thursday (and the Friday that followed it).

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Six months ago, I had a reputation of 3,407 on StackOverflow, and I was ranked #11,828. Three months ago, I had gained 1,751 reputation points, resulting in a total of 5,158 and a rank #8,331. Now I've added an extra 1,848 points, resulting in a reputation of 7,006 and a rank #6,521:

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PDF Conference and PDF/A Day Seattle

Last week, I attended the PDF Conference organized by the PDF Association and the PDF/A Day organized by Adobe:

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Google Analytics — July 2013

Ai ai ai July! We've had two disk failures on the server hosting our site, causing a downtime of half an hour to an hour. The first time, it happened while I was in the US and I didn't even know there was a problem until after a day (fortunately, the hosting provider solved the problem). Let's take a look if we see the downtime in the stats:

Hmm... I don't see any anomalies. All in all, it probably was less of a problem than I feared.

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