Waarom iText Software investeert in "Zoë Eisenhoet"

Vorige week ontving ik een mail van Ianka Fleerackers in verband met haar nieuwe project Zoë Eisenhoet. Ik kende Ianka vroeger enkel van TV als "prinses Prieeltje" uit Kulderzipken, maar anderhalf jaar geleden ontmoette ik haar in een andere context, op een event waar ik als spreker te gast was. We raakten aan de praat en Ianka vertelde over haar prentenboek voor iPad Wolfie en haar andere literaire projecten.

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Events in May

Next week, I'll be in Vienna to participate to the Technical Commission 171 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). I'm the Belgian representative for the NBN. TC 171 is about document technology such as PDF, so I'll talk PDF for almost a week.

Later this month, I'll attend BizCamp #8.

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Digital Signatures: free ebook downloads

Imagine my surprise when I looked a the number of downloads of the white paper on digital signatures for April:

Month Downloads
October 2012 840
November 2012 835
December 2012 1041
January 2013 2060
February 2013 2704
March 2013 1669
April 2013 4018

1715 people found the white paper thanks to Google, 639 people thanks to StackOverflow. That's great, isn't it?

Google Analytics — April 2013

In the last few weeks, I've had ideas for at least five blog posts, but I never had the time to write about these ideas, and I fear they are now lost. That's a pity, because is getting more visits and I can't offer any new content due something as stupid as lack of time:

This upward trend is certainly visible in iText sales, and the web statistics for aren't bad either:

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StackOverflow reputation

Less than two months ago, there were 1,486,744 people active on StackOverflow and I was ranked #11,828.
There has been a significant increase of active StackOverflow users (+142,481):

I've also managed to reach the goal I described in my previous post. I'm now in the top #10,000.

Next goal: reach a 5,000 as reputation.

iText 5.4.1 — XML Worker 5.4.1

Almost two months have passed since 13th anniversary release of iText. We've spent these months on some projects for customers, on developing new business models (visiting different companies in the US) and on tying the loose ends that surfaced due to the major changes in 5.4.0. Let's take a look at the most important changes:

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Google Analytics — March 2013

Sales increased with 40% in 13Q1 when compared to 12Q1, but what about the site statistics?

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De Gentse Ondernemer

Remember this? The article was published while we were in California:

Google Analytics — February 2013

What a short month, what a great month! On February 28th, we were already at 20% of the revenue of 2012. Well done, sales at iText! Let's take a look at the web site statistics:

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StackOverflow reputation

Suppose I wasn't the CEO of the iText Software Group. Suppose I didn't have to attend meetings. Suppose I wouldn't have to tell people what to do. Suppose I didn't have any responsibility. What would I do? I'd do the things I like! I'd do the things I'm good at! Three things jump to mind: write code, write documentation, answer questions. I've also gotten a taste for building business models.

But that's not what this blog is about.

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