JavaOne: an alien’s view - day 2

Coming out of my hotel I bumped into Geertjan Wielenga, Oracle Principal Product Manager on the NetBeans Team.
I’ll probably see him again on the Netbeans Community day on Sunday.

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JavaOne 2012: an alien’s view - day 1

iText is exhibiting at JavaOne this year. 95%, or maybe even 98% of JavaOne attendees are male. That, and the fact that they’re of course all programmers, makes me stand out a little.

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Good candidate for a favorite quote

As read on Stackoverflow:

iText 5.3.3 — XML Worker 1.2.0

The technical roadmap for 2012 consisted of 4 goals:

  1. Digital Signatures— Make iText ready for PAdES and PDF 2.0: done!
  2. XML Forms Architecture— Add support to flatten dynamic forms created by Adobe LiveCycle: done!
  3. Android— Make an Android port of iText that is better than the (barely legal) ports created by third parties: done!
  4. Cloud— Make iText "Cloud-ready": done! (Some of our customers are using iText on GAE.)

Goal number 3 and goal number 4 were already presented at the iText Developer Summit in March.

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Hoe schrijf je een boek voor een Amerikaanse IT uitgever?

Heb je altijd al willen weten hoe dat in zijn werk gaat, schrijven voor een grote uitgeverij? Wil je weten hoeveel je verdient aan het schrijven van zo'n boek? En wat is een 'goede oplage' voor een boek dat niet de nieuwe Aspe, Harry Potter, Jeroen Meus of Piet Huysentruyt is? Je leest het allemaal hier:

iText at JavaOne – learning on the job

This year iText will have a booth at JavaOne. That seemed like a no brainer since iText plays a key role in the Java world when it comes to PDF creation and manipulation. It is a a great opportunity to show the company behind our product, to share information, learn from the leading experts and – of course – do business.

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Google Analytics — August 2012

I predicted that August would be better than July. I was right regarding sales; I was wrong regarding the web statistics:

The site still has a healthy heart beat. There's only one dent in the graphic on August 15th (a holiday in many countries).

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Groovy on Tomcat

Half a year ago, I talked about some blogs written by the iText developers. One of these blogs was iText on the JVM by Michaël Demey. Michaël tested iText on Jython, JRuby, Groovy, Scala and Clojure, and he really liked Groovy. Nowadays, whenever he has to do a quick test of some iText functionality, he write a small Groovy script instead of a Java app.

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iText 5.3.2 — XML Worker 1.1.6

I've just released iText 5.3.2 and XML Worker 1.1.6. We've fixed some minor bugs in XML Worker, but the main reason for this release is iText's digital signature functionality.

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What happens after 1k?

Earlier this week, the received its 1000th Google +1 from its visitors:

Since that day, the counter seems to be stuck. It's still 1k. Shouldn't it by something like 1k+ by now?


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