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Every month I peek at Google Analytics to find out if my different sites are doing well.
Bruno Lowagie's Online Gazette has been dead for a long time, so it will take a while before you see something that looks like a heart beat:

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An evening with my (former) colleagues

I've been working at home for my own company for exactly two months now, and I really enjoy my sabbatical. Yet, there are times when I miss having colleagues nearby, especially: having lunch with colleagues.

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Royal Library of Belgium (2)

A week and a half ago I wrote that I paid a visit to the Royal Library of Belgium because, according to a Belgian Law dating from 2008, I had to donate two copies of my new book (2011) and while I was there, I also took a copy of my first book (2007).

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Reading Android in Practice

A couple of days ago, I installed a development environment for Android because I volunteered to review chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 of Android in Practice. I don't have much time to read for the moment, but I succeeded in finishing the first chapter today, and I've deployed my first "Hello Android" application on my phone.

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iText in Action at Devoxx — review at

I've found a first review of my Devoxx presentation at

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The Royal Library of Belgium

I almost broke the law without knowing there even was a law.

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted about the first "iText in Action" review on Amazon:

@bruno1970 5 Nov
Does Belgium know that "Bruno Lowagie is a Belgian National Treasure!"

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Interview at Devoxx

On Tuesday I met Geertjan Wielenga. Geertjan interviewed me for an article on DZone:

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iText in Action at Devoxx

The second edition of iText in Action was released on October 28, and presented to the public at Devoxx on November 15.

This is me in Action:

The location was overwhelming. I'm not a tall guy, but I felt really small in front of this big screen:

If you've missed Devoxx, no problem, I hope to see you all at another event soon!

Book sales "iText in Action" second edition

It's too early to publish exact book sales the way I did for the first edition. I have to wait a couple of months for my first Royalty reports and payments. I also think it's too early to see iText in Action in the Top 10 of Retail Bestsellers, but I have some Bestsellers lists regarding the on-line sales:

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Behind the scenes (literally) at Devoxx

In Latin, we would call this a contradiction in terminis, but this is the WiFi at Devoxx:

And this is how all the talks and presentations are recorded for

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