Why engineers should be entrepreneurs...

As an engineer, you can avoid situations such as the one in this sketch by starting your own business or by working for a company led by engineers:

BelCham Entrepreneurship, Winnaar "Most Promising Company of the Year"

Vorige week wonnen met iText we de BelCham Entrepreneurship Award in de categorie "Most Promising Company of the Year".
"Of we het verwacht hadden te winnen?" was de eerste vraag die aan onze tafel gesteld werd.
Het antwoord was heel spontaan: "Nee, we gingen ervanuit dat Showpad met de prijs zou gaan lopen."

Achteraf bleek dat we inderdaad maar heel nipt wonnen. De jury was uitgekomen op een ex aequo: iText en Showpad hadden allebei evenveel punten. Volgens het reglement moet de juryvoorzitter dan de knoop doorhakken. Hij koos voor iText. Onze jongste zoon speelt tafeltennis en daar zeg je na zo'n punt "netje" en bied je je verontschuldigingen aan bij degene die het net niet haalde.

Sorry Showpad, we duimen ervoor dat jullie volgend jaar winnen.

Onze verwondering betekent echter niet dat we vinden dat we deze prijs niet verdiend hebben. iText heeft eindelijk een eerste echte eerste prijs beet en die hebben we dubbel en dik verdiend.

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Google Analytics — September 2014

We promised better analytics for September (compared to the Summer months). Did we succeed?

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StackOverflow: I've made the top 3000!

There are about three million users on StackOverflow:

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Google Analytics — August 2014

The last month of the summer vacation is behind us. What did August bring us?

No records broken, but that was to be expected. The next months will be more interesting. I have a talk about doing business in the US in Ghent (Belgium) next Friday, a talk about digital signatures at GlobalSign's customer day in Leuven (Belgium) on September 16, and a tutorial session about PDF on September 29 in San Francisco (California). We expect to be in the news on October (but we can't disclose anything about that yet). I'm a speaker at Devoxx in November, and I may be invited for talks in Washington DC and New York City in December. All of this should boost the visits to our site.

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Zakelijk succes in de VS

Wie het iText verhaal eens wil horen op een niet technische, anekdotische manier, kan nu vrijdag terecht bij VOKA in Gent op het event Zakelijk succes in de VS.

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This is a video broadcasted on the Egyptian TV about a film festival in Croatia featuring a mother and a son from Belgium.

Google Analytics — July 2014

No records broken in June and no records broken in July. It's vacation time, isn't it?

Nevertheless, July has place 3 out of 7 with respect to page views, place 2 out of 7 regarding sessions, which isn't bad at all. July is on place 4 out of 7 regarding users per month.

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Google Analytics — June 2014

No records broken in June and we didn't expect to break one either because we've had some European holidays and the World Cup that keep people from visiting a technical web site.

June has place 5 out of 6 with respect to page views, place 2 out of 6 regarding sessions but only place 6 out of 6 regarding users per month. We'll see the same kind of numbers in the next two months, and then we'll make a strong come back in September.

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