Google Analytics — August 2014

The last month of the summer vacation is behind us. What did August bring us?

No records broken, but that was to be expected. The next months will be more interesting. I have a talk about doing business in the US in Ghent (Belgium) next Friday, a talk about digital signatures at GlobalSign's customer day in Leuven (Belgium) on September 16, and a tutorial session about PDF on September 29 in San Francisco (California). We expect to be in the news on October (but we can't disclose anything about that yet). I'm a speaker at Devoxx in November, and I may be invited for talks in Washington DC and New York City in December. All of this should boost the visits to our site.

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Zakelijk succes in de VS

Wie het iText verhaal eens wil horen op een niet technische, anekdotische manier, kan nu vrijdag terecht bij VOKA in Gent op het event Zakelijk succes in de VS.

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This is a video broadcasted on the Egyptian TV about a film festival in Croatia featuring a mother and a son from Belgium.

Google Analytics — July 2014

No records broken in June and no records broken in July. It's vacation time, isn't it?

Nevertheless, July has place 3 out of 7 with respect to page views, place 2 out of 7 regarding sessions, which isn't bad at all. July is on place 4 out of 7 regarding users per month.

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Google Analytics — June 2014

No records broken in June and we didn't expect to break one either because we've had some European holidays and the World Cup that keep people from visiting a technical web site.

June has place 5 out of 6 with respect to page views, place 2 out of 6 regarding sessions but only place 6 out of 6 regarding users per month. We'll see the same kind of numbers in the next two months, and then we'll make a strong come back in September.

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What are you famous for?

Google Analytics — May 2014

I didn't expect breaking any records in May. We started and ended with European Holidays on May 1st and 29th. We had an American holiday on May 26th. This caused some slight arrhythmia that is visible when you look at the heart beat of the side:

Nevertheless, May was the second best month so far this year with respect to page views and users per month. We also broke the all-time record of different sessions (visits) a month and the all-time record for average visits a day.

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Mission accomplished

I'm in the top 4000 on StackOverflow:

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Intellectuele oneerlijkheid tijdens verkiezingscampagnes

Het politieke nieuws werd dit weekend gedomineerd door een "uitschuiver" van Jan Jambon, of dat wil men ons doen geloven. In werkelijkheid gaat het om serieuze uitschuivers van CD&V en SP.a. Aan wie die uitschuivers stemmen zullen kosten, hangt in de eerste plaats af van de intelligentie van de kiezer.

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