Hmmmz, October looks suspiciously like September in terms of web site activity.

I can't say that the fact that we had to postpone the release of the new web site makes me happy. Once again, I'm reminded of the fact that deadlines can only be met if you're working on a one-man project. As soon as many different parties are involved, people will always change their mind, come up with new stuff, wait for feedback,... In February 2008, I've built a completely new web site for iText in only one (long) weekend. I rewrote the entire site about two years ago and that took me less than a week.

Mind you: I'm not blaming anyone. It's a shared responsibility and I'm the "chief responsible" as we didn't have any marketing employees between July and October. Moreover, the new web site will have much more functionality than the old one. Finally, I am no longer the only person who decides what should be on the site and what shouldn't. That's a good thing, because I didn't have any time to create and update web pages anymore.

Anyway, the site statistics for October weren't spectacular:

MonthPage viewsSessionsSessions/dayUsers/month
January 2015441,093143,5104,62976,592
February 2015438,502139,4334,98072,799
March 2015487,545157,998509782,457
April 2015451,922147,0714,90276,718
May 2015446,320148,4184,78877,935
June 2015456,317152,3785,07979,671
July 2015442,992146,4244,72375,971
August 2015410,003134,7594,34769,986
September 2015442,912144,2304,80873,864
October 2015441,047145,5954,69775,333

Grrrmmbl... I can't wait until we can release the new web site. It will have fabulous content and much more technical information, examples, questions and answers,...