Google Analytics - March 2015

Last year, the month of March broke some records that lasted for almost a year. What did March 2015 have in store for us?

Hmm... This looks like a healthy heart beat, but show us the numbers!

Google Analytics - February 2015

Oops, I totally forgot to make the overview of the month of February three weeks ago:

I was so busy that I didn't look at the performance of the web site.

Google Analytics — January 2015

First month of the year, first Google Analytics graph of iText's heartbeat:

What can we conclude?

Winter bash hats 2014

Last year, I collected 12 hats in StackOverflow's Winter Bash.

Winter bash Stack Overflow 2014

This year, I have 15 hats: I could get some more, for instance by deleting one of my own answers, or by doing complicated things such as voting to close a question, edit the question, and then reopen the question, but I'm not that obsessed by those hats ;-) I collect hats because it's fun ;-)

Google Analytics — December 2014

Wow, the web site has broken all records in 2014, but before we dive into the numbers for the whole year, let's take a look at the heartbeat of the web site in December:

No surprises there: we clearly see the expected dip during the holidays.

Google Analytics — November 2014

I am so busy lately, I almost forgot to look at the Google Analytics results for November:

I wasn't even aware that we had broken a record: we had an average of 4,845 visits a day, which is more than the previous record dating from May.

Google Analytics — September 2014

We promised better analytics for September (compared to the Summer months). Did we succeed?

Google Analytics — August 2014

The last month of the summer vacation is behind us. What did August bring us?

No records broken, but that was to be expected.

Google Analytics — July 2014

No records broken in June and no records broken in July. It's vacation time, isn't it?

Nevertheless, July has place 3 out of 7 with respect to page views, place 2 out of 7 regarding sessions, which isn't bad at all. July is on place 4 out of 7 regarding users per month.

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