First month of the year, first Google Analytics graph of iText's heartbeat:

What can we conclude?

Well, there's bad news, some more bad news, and then there's good news:

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2016 378,381 125,716 4,055 66,100

The bad news is that we perform up to 14.22% worse than in January 2015:

Comparing January 2016 with January 2015

The other bad news is that nobody seems to have a clue as to why the site is underperforming.

The good news is that we're working on it. Do you remember Klout? Don't worry, we almost forgot about it too. I stumbled upon it accidentally, and I saw that the Klout score for iText Group was not so good (43 compared to my personal score which is 60). Then I tweaked some things, and look what happened:

Klout score 2016

I am confident that we can get better numbers for the iText site. We'll be investing more effort into getting heard on social media. We need people to discover that there's an abundance of good content on the iText web site: more than 350 useful questions that were originally posted on StackOverflow and all the answers to those questions, organized by theme, searchable using tags and queries.

We should see some effect of our new strategy by the month of March.