Last year, the month of March broke some records that lasted for almost a year. What did March 2015 have in store for us?

Hmm... This looks like a healthy heart beat, but show us the numbers!

Month Page views Sessions Sessions/day Users/month
January 2015 441,093 143,510 4,629 76,592
February 2015 438,502 139,433 4,980 72,799
March 2015 487,545 157,998 5097 82,457

These numbers break every previous record! The only record that wasn't broken, is the number of users/month. We had 82,471 unique visitors in March 2014 and "only" 82,457 in March this year. The record for the number of page views used to be 483,414 (March 2014), for the number of sessions, it used to be 148,838 (May 2014) and for the sessions/day, it was 4,845 (November 2014). All of these records are now history.