Last month, we've broken two important Google Analytics records in the history of

This is only the first month of the year:

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors/month
January 2014 461,462 128,391 4142 75,623

But if we compare with previous years, we see that the site is doing really well:

Year records 2011 2012 2013 2014
Page Views 410,338 (September) 450,424 (March) 421,976 (October) 461,462 (January)
Visits 122,717 (November) 133,854 (March) 123,956 (May) 128,391 (January)
Visits/day 4091 (November) 4505 (February) 4040 (April) 4142 (January)
Unique visitors 67,707 (November) 74,954 (March) 75,126 (November) 75,623 (January)

Never before did we reach as many unique visitors in one month; never before did we have as much page views in one month. As for the visits, we've beaten the 2013 record, but we still need to do an effort to beat the 2012 record. Then again: if I recall correctly, Google has changed its algorithm to count visits in the last couple of years. It may very well be that visits by a single person that used to be counted as separate visits are now counted as only one.

In any case: if we compare January 2014 with that fabulous March of 2012 (the month we had our first iText summit), we see that "Visits" is the only metric that was better in March 2012 when compared to January 2014.

Comparing january 2014 with March 2012

I don't know what to expect for February (it's a very short month), but I'm looking forward to breaking more records in the next couple of months.