De prachtige ongelijkheid

Waar is het toch misgelopen met het socialisme in Vlaanderen? Waren het de schandalen die nooit het licht zagen? Zoals de praktijk van die minister die nooit persoonlijk steekpenningen aanvaardde, maar altijd sponsoring ontving via zijn chauffeur? Nee, want wie daarover schreef werd verketterd en als leugenaar te kijk gezet. Wie het een beetje wil maken als schrijver weet wat te schrijven: "over het socialisme niets dan goeds."

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Google Analytics - May 2016

I know I'm late with the statistics for May, but here they are:

The statistics look great, but they aren't entirely correct. Due to a test that went wrong, the number of hits on May 4th is higher than it should be. Many of the hits on that day were "self-inflicted". Too bad, we'll have to do with the numbers we have.

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Google Analytics - April 2016

April was a very normal month for the iText web site:

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Google Analytics - March 2016

I've been looking forward to the Google Analytics results of March:

Are they as promising as I hoped?

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Google Analytics - February 2016

This was the heartbeat of iText in February:

What can we conclude?

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Google Analytics — January 2016

First month of the year, first Google Analytics graph of iText's heartbeat:

What can we conclude?

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Winter bash 2015: the results

Gamification, love it or hate it, but every year thousands of developers try to collect as many "winter bash hats" as possible on StackOverflow and its sibling sites. In 2013, I collected 12 hats. In 2014, I collected 15 hats. But how many hats did I win this year?

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Google Analytics - December 2015

When we look at the sales results, December 2015 broke all previous records. We reached and exceeded the target for the quarter as well as the target for the year, but I can't say that I'm happy with the results of the web site in December.

The site didn't perform as well as in December 2014.

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Google Analytics - November 2015

Do you see that dip in the web site visits last week:

That's the Thanksgiving dip, but... there's more. The dip is also caused by the move to our new web site. Incidentally, we forgot to change the Google ID we used on the test and staging server, so plenty of visits weren't counted for about 16 hours last Thursday/Friday. But hey, let's not whine about that: we finally have a new web site!

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Google Analytics - October 2015

Hmmmz, October looks suspiciously like September in terms of web site activity.

I can't say that the fact that we had to postpone the release of the new web site makes me happy. Once again, I'm reminded of the fact that deadlines can only be met if you're working on a one-man project. As soon as many different parties are involved, people will always change their mind, come up with new stuff, wait for feedback,... In February 2008, I've built a completely new web site for iText in only one (long) weekend. I rewrote the entire site about two years ago and that took me less than a week.

Mind you: I'm not blaming anyone. It's a shared responsibility and I'm the "chief responsible" as we didn't have any marketing employees between July and October. Moreover, the new web site will have much more functionality than the old one. Finally, I am no longer the only person who decides what should be on the site and what shouldn't. That's a good thing, because I didn't have any time to create and update web pages anymore.

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