Google Analytics — January 2013

Last year was fabulous: 750,000 unique visitors to, almost 4,000 people filling out the sales form and 1,000 customers! Now we're starting a new, exciting year. Metrics will be different, because we're planning to start a new site next to More news about that new site will follow later this year. Let's take a look at the results of the first month:

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Book sales "iText in Action"

Last week I received the sales reports for 12Q3 from Manning Publications. My first book is over 6 years old now (for sale for 25 quarters), and 12Q3 was the first quarter with a negative result: there were more books returned than sold. This brings the total number of copies sold to 11,540. My second book has been for sale for 8 quarters and has been sold 6,741 times. I think the paper version is about to go "out of print".

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iText and business process automation

No matter which business you run —a large corporation with thousands of employees and ditto clientele, or an SMB with only a handful of employees and a hundred customers—, there’s one thing all companies have in common: they all implement business processes, and every business process involves data as well as documents.

The following figure shows an example how iText can automate such processes, combining machine-readable XML with human-readable PDF documents:

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Gearing up for our visit to the States

We've been very successful in 2012: in 2011, our goal was to double the revenue, and we succeeded. Compared to 2009 —our first year in business— our revenue increased with a factor 15. Contrary to most of the other companies I know, we've been profitable from year one. We didn't need any external money to bootstrap our business.

This doesn't mean we're starting to get lazy. On the contrary, it makes us very excited to work on new business models!

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Google Analytics — December 2012

This is what happens if Christmas and New Year's Day are on a weekday instead of in a weekend:

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750,000 unique visitors in 2012

Less than a week ago, I wondered if we would reach 750,000 absolute visitors on the iText web site. Today, we've reached that goal:

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Before the holidays

In 2011, the site had 680,581 unique visitors. Today, we're already at 743,493 unique visitors. I had hoped to reach 750K unique visitors, but I don't know if that's feasible. We'll see in about a week. Traditionally, statistics go down seriously in the holiday season. Let's take a look at the numbers for December right before the holidays:

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My first gold badge on StackOverflow

Today I earned my first gold badge on StackOverflow:

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My report card

About a month ago, I was in München, presenting What's new in PDF 2.0 regarding digital signatures. The people attending my talk, had to fill out a form, giving me a score from one to five: 1=excellent, 2=good, 3=fair, 4=unsatisfactory, 5=inadequate.

This is my score:

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Experiment met Leanpub

Gisteren heb ik wat geëxperimenteerd met Leanpub. Ik had erover gelezen bij iStoire en ik wilde er eens mee experimenteren om te zien of ik het platform kan gebruiken voor mijn technische boeken.

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