My first gold badge on StackOverflow

Today I earned my first gold badge on StackOverflow:

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My report card

About a month ago, I was in München, presenting What's new in PDF 2.0 regarding digital signatures. The people attending my talk, had to fill out a form, giving me a score from one to five: 1=excellent, 2=good, 3=fair, 4=unsatisfactory, 5=inadequate.

This is my score:

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Experiment met Leanpub

Gisteren heb ik wat geëxperimenteerd met Leanpub. Ik had erover gelezen bij iStoire en ik wilde er eens mee experimenteren om te zien of ik het platform kan gebruiken voor mijn technische boeken.

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Google Analytics — November 2012

The end of the world year is near. With one month to go, let's look at the heartbeat of in november

Do you see that dent near November 22nd? That's Thanksgiving. We'll see a similar dent between Christmas and New Year.

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After a long train ride, we arrived in Munich, and our sales guy immediately started building the booth:

Afterwards, there was a reception and a whisky-tasting opportunity:

We didn't drink much whisky though. We mostly drank water and a little bit of wine.

iText 5.3.4 — XML Worker 1.2.1

iText 5.3.4 and XML Worker 1.2.1 have been released! Read all about it in the changelogs.

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Google Analytics — October 2012

Another month, another look at the heartbeat of

We haven't had a month as good as this since March. The numbers for July and August were predicable, but as strange as September was, as normal was October.

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W-JAX presentation, München, November 7, 2012

Last week, I did a dry-run presentation of my talk for W-JAX (Münich) and it took me 75 minutes to explain everything I wanted to explain about digital signatures in PDF. Now I've updated my slides:

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JavaOne: an alien’s view - exhibitor days

We’ve been busy!
Michael, Paulo and I had about 125 conversations during 3 days.

What’s iText?
I must admit, 7 out of 10 people already knew iText. But for the ones who did not know us, we gave a brief corporate presentation, a quick functionality overview, and a link to some of our demo’s.
For PDF viewing, we kindly invited them to see our friends next door, and vica versa for PDF creation and manipulation. Having a “PDF corner” was a good marketing decision.

iText update
We showed people the improvements we made in xmlworker, XFA, and the android version. Signatures were revised to support PAdES, the new ETSI standard in digital signatures.

Technical questions
We were addressed to help on specific projects. Paulo Soares, co-developer of iText, at our booth, gave (free) expert advice that saved people time and money. They were of course very grateful. Some also wanted to come over and shake Bruno Lowagie’s hand. We told them he was busy finishing his whitepaper on digital signatures, and that they’d hear from him soon enough.

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iText at Java One (more photos)

Duke loves iText:

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See also Bruno's profile on Google+