How I started using Pinterest because I loved it...

... and why I continue loving Pinterest because I use it.

When I first heard about Pinterest, I thought: What is this about? Let's request an invite.

I thought it was something in-between FlickR and Facebook. I didn't see any use for it, but I loved the interface and its simplicity, so... why not give it a try?

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Overview of the iText Summit videos

On March 29th, iText organized a summit in Ghent to inform customers and users about the road ahead. Today, we're proud to present the videos that were made of all the different presentations:

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Google Analytics — April 2012

As predicted, the statistics for April aren't as good as usual because of the Spring break and the Easter holidays:

These vacation periods may not be visible in the heartbeat of the 'visits', you can clearly see it in the graph of the Alexa ranking:

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California April 2012: overview using Google Latitude

If you own a smartphone, there's always a service that tracks where you are, whether you like it or not. Privacy is a thing of the past, and that's why I don't bother trying to shut down all tracking. As a result, I can create these neat maps showing the different locations we've visited in the last two weeks. It's a pity that Google uses the European time, even after I switched the clock on my smart phone to Californian time.
Anyway, this is us flying to San Francisco:

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Book sales update

We found a huge pile of mail after returning home, and now I'm going through all the letters, invoices and other mail we received in the last few weeks. One of the letters I received contained the book sales for 11Q4. For some reason, people are still buying the first edition. In the world of IT books, you have a bestseller as soon as you can sell 5,000 copies. And yes: the second book is now at 5,394 copies. That makes it official: I've written a second bestseller!

California April 2012, day 2

Yesterday, we were too tired to see much of the Silverado resort, but this morning we made a short movie to show the venue to the home front:

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California April 2012: day 1

We had to get up early on April 10th. We were expecting our taxi to bring us to Brussels Airport at 3:30 AM in the morning.

Source: Uploaded by user via Bruno on Pinterest

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Google Analytics — March 2012

We had a successful summit a week ago, I taught an iText course in Paris this week, and now I'm preparing for a business trip to the US next week. This means I have plenty of work, and very little time to blog. I didn't even have time to look at the Google Analytics results for March until today:

Did we break any records?

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What makes a successful conference?

I was nervous to organize our first itext summit. I have a history being Event Manager for Devoxx for 5 years, so I have a reputation to hold high in this particular Marketing field.

Source: Uploaded by user via Bruno on Pinterest

There are a lot of pre-, during and post- arrangements to be made, with a backup plan for each phase. The more thought that is put into the planning phase, the better the conference.

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iText 5.2.1 — XML Worker 1.1.3

I'm preparing to teach an iText class in Paris, and to give some demo's in Oakland. I'm currently making a new set of examples for some new chapters I'm going to write (maybe a third book, not a revision of the second edition, but a book with some advanced topics). Whilst making examples to explain the different options available in XML Worker, I found some bugs and I also thought about some functionality that was missing.

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