Google Analytics — May 2012

Times flies. I've hardly had any time to blog last month. I'm even late with my monthly analytics report:

The heartbeat of iText in May shows some arrhythmia caused by public holidays in different countries: the first of May in Europe, the Ascension and Pentecost in the Christian countries, Memorial day in the US,... It's amazing that these dates can be visualized in the analytics reports of the site of a technical product.

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How I started using Pinterest because I loved it...

... and why I continue loving Pinterest because I use it.

When I first heard about Pinterest, I thought: What is this about? Let's request an invite.

I thought it was something in-between FlickR and Facebook. I didn't see any use for it, but I loved the interface and its simplicity, so... why not give it a try?

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Overview of the iText Summit videos

On March 29th, iText organized a summit in Ghent to inform customers and users about the road ahead. Today, we're proud to present the videos that were made of all the different presentations:

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Google Analytics — April 2012

As predicted, the statistics for April aren't as good as usual because of the Spring break and the Easter holidays:

These vacation periods may not be visible in the heartbeat of the 'visits', you can clearly see it in the graph of the Alexa ranking:

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California April 2012: overview using Google Latitude

If you own a smartphone, there's always a service that tracks where you are, whether you like it or not. Privacy is a thing of the past, and that's why I don't bother trying to shut down all tracking. As a result, I can create these neat maps showing the different locations we've visited in the last two weeks. It's a pity that Google uses the European time, even after I switched the clock on my smart phone to Californian time.
Anyway, this is us flying to San Francisco:

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Book sales update

We found a huge pile of mail after returning home, and now I'm going through all the letters, invoices and other mail we received in the last few weeks. One of the letters I received contained the book sales for 11Q4. For some reason, people are still buying the first edition. In the world of IT books, you have a bestseller as soon as you can sell 5,000 copies. And yes: the second book is now at 5,394 copies. That makes it official: I've written a second bestseller!

California April 2012, day 2

Yesterday, we were too tired to see much of the Silverado resort, but this morning we made a short movie to show the venue to the home front:

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California April 2012: day 1

We had to get up early on April 10th. We were expecting our taxi to bring us to Brussels Airport at 3:30 AM in the morning.

Source: Uploaded by user via Bruno on Pinterest

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Google Analytics — March 2012

We had a successful summit a week ago, I taught an iText course in Paris this week, and now I'm preparing for a business trip to the US next week. This means I have plenty of work, and very little time to blog. I didn't even have time to look at the Google Analytics results for March until today:

Did we break any records?

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What makes a successful conference?

I was nervous to organize our first itext summit. I have a history being Event Manager for Devoxx for 5 years, so I have a reputation to hold high in this particular Marketing field.

Source: Uploaded by user via Bruno on Pinterest

There are a lot of pre-, during and post- arrangements to be made, with a backup plan for each phase. The more thought that is put into the planning phase, the better the conference.

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