Silicon Valley day 3: case studies and first real meeting

Yesterday, we answered mail in between the sessions.

Today was somewhat different. We arrived on time, but later than others, and the room was full:

There wasn't much room to work:

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Silicon Valley day 2: first day in class

Yesterday, we started the "University Workshop" (aka the "Silicon Valley immersion week").

These are the speakers who will teach us all about doing business in the US:

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Silicon Valley day 1: shopping, exploring, and first day at the office

We started our first full day in the valley with a visit to the mall.

We had a special request from somebody named Isabelle H.: we need more pictures with Valérie.
Eat your heart out Astrid Bryan, because here's Valérie with her pimped out chromed out Ford Escape:

This is what we had in our shopping cart:

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I've seen your book...

Always nice. Thank you Pascal!

Silicon Valley: the flight

I woke up at 3:40 AM yesterday, and by the time it was 5:30 I was at the Brussels airport for a short flight to Amsterdam. Normally, there was a flight at 10:20 from Amsterdam straight to San Francisco, but we didn't have any luck: first the flight was delayed until 13:10.

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Why do you go to Silicon Valley?

In the last few weeks, I've worked hard on a slide deck and a 10-minute talk explaining my business. The last few days mainly consisted of "killing my darlings". That is: removing slides and text to make my pitch as concise as possible. Now I'm making a second slide deck with the content that didn't make it into the pitch. I'm going to use that slide deck to anticipate "unexpected" questions.
For instance: Why did you come to Silicon Valley? There's a well-founded answer to that question, and there's a simple answer.

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Stormy weather in Belgium

We've had stormy weather for a couple of days now. I still managed to go to the office on my bicycle, but this tree in our garden didn't survive the storm:

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News from the iText developers' front

When you work at iText, part of the job is doing iText projects and iText development, but there's more. If we want to be successful at what we do, we need to stay alert, and research all kinds of new technologies and evolutions. There's also a general rule at iText: whatever we learn, we document.
That's why I'm proud to present the following articles:

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Minor update

Seems like Google Analytics does some post-processing on the numbers of absolute unique visitors:

So instead of 680,775 thank you's, I only had to say thank you 680,581 times ;-)

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Google Analytics — December 2011

On behalf of the complete iText staff, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all iText users, and I wish to say thank you! 680,775 times to every single person who visited in 2011. We've been working hard last year, and you are making it worthwile!

With more than 1.2M visits, good for more than 4.5M page views, we did more than 30% better than last year.

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