New iText Office (aka the developers' shack)

A while ago, we bought a house for iText Software where we could welcome developers; both our own developers as well as guest developers (interns, students,...). For a couple of months, we kept the location a secret, but now we can finally show you our front door:

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iText at Devoxx 2011 in pictures

This year, iText Software was present at Devoxx with a booth.

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A classic reborn

Today I received a newsletter from Manning, and I was pleased to see the second edition of "iText in Action" anounced as "A classic reborn":

iText for Android demo

Want to know what to expect from the iText power demos at Devoxx? Watch this video for a first impression:

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iText 5.1.3 — XML Worker 1.1.1

Today we've published a new release of iText and XML Worker. These new releases are right in time to be presented at Devoxx, the biggest Java conference in Europe. Don't forget to drop by for a chat at the iText booth!

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Testing Belgacom TV on Android smartphone

This morning I did a small test to see if I could watch TV on a tablet PC, now let's take a look if this also works on a smart phone:

The interface is somewhat different. It was to be expected that it would be a little bit harder to use because of the smaller screen, but the quality is still amazing (don't let the reduced resolution of the movie fool you).

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Film Festival Ghent 2011: a list of disappointing movies

I've been postponing this final blog about the film festival because writing positive blogs such as Film Festival Ghent 2011: my personal top 10 is much more fun than writing negative blogs.
However, I did make a list of movies that disappointed me. Again: this is a very personal list. I know that some movies on this list aren't bad at all, but I was just too disappointed to put them in my additional list of good movies, let alone in my top 10:

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Testing Belgacom TV on Android tablet

I was browsing the Android market to see if I could find any interesting apps when I stumbled upon the "TV Overal Tab" from Belgacom. I didn't know Belgacom TV was available on tablets yet; I don't watch TV that much, so I must have missed all the commercials about it. I did a quick search on the Belgacom site, and I found the TV Partout page. As we have Belgacom TV, we can test TV on the tablet for free until the end of the year. This is what it looks like:

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Testing two Android tablets

Yesterday evening I went shopping for Android tablets. We've been selling the Android port for iText to several customers now, but apart from a simple Hello World example and a Calls2Pdf app for Android smart phones, we didn't do much Android development. I didn't even own a tab, in spite of the fact that I knew from the start that iText on Android would be more useful on a tablet than on a phone.

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Google Analytics — October 2011

It's the first of the month, so let's take a look at last month's statistics:

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