iText Office: curtains and furniture

As promised in my previous blog post, here's a picture of the finished iText Office:

Finally, we have some curtains on the windows! I used to have my desk in the library (upstairs), but now we've reorganized this part of the office into a small off line meeting room (on one side a table and four chairs, on the other side four beanbags we can sit in to brainstorm).
We now have our workstations in the lower part of the office (I'm sitting next to the stairs).

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iText Office: paint and electricity

It has been a while since I blogged about the iText Office. The cable for the office LAN were placed on in April, but nothing was connected yet. We were waiting for the walls to dry and for the painters to come. This happened last week.

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Happy Birthday, IBM!

Reconstruction of the BizCamp Ghent schedule

I didn't take notes at BizCamp, so I have to depend on photos to reconstruct the schedule. Thank you @kellblazek for the morning schedule:

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It's a small world

Yesterday, I attended BizCamp. In the morning I presented a "Double Bill". That is: two presentations in 20 minutes. I started with my Three things watching House MD has taught me about doing business blog, and I used the "... sometimes you might find you get what you need" quote as a bridge to my why you (don't?) need a VC presentation (I did the same talk at GentM, but now I could finally use my slides).

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New releases: iText 5.1.1 — XML Worker 1.0.0

iText® XML Worker is no longer in beta. You can now start using XML Worker 1.0.0 in a production environment to create PDF files using HTML created using CKEditor or TinyMCE as input. We're simultaneously releasing iText 5.1.1 because XML Worker 1.0.0 depends on some new functionality that was added to iText.

For a full overview of what has changed, please consult the changelog.

Enforcing your Trademark

Almost a month ago, I wrote Enforcing your Trademark: not that simple. I was complaining about the fact that somebody had claimed the @iText Twitter account, but hadn't been posting anything but absurd non sense (6 status updates on 3 different dates between November 8, 2007 and February 10, 2010).

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Google Analytics — May 2011

Another month, another Google Analytics blogpost. Let's take a look at the Google heartbeat (this is the overview of the number of visits, not the number of hits):

Looks OK, doesn't it? No sign of the arrhytmia shown in the Alexa stats:

Did we have better results in May compared to (the slow month) April. the Alexa stats already gave away the answer: Yes!

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Maps in PDF using iText and Geomajas

Those who missed my talk about iText at Devoxx, also missed a cool demo about Geomajas, but no problem: why not test the demo yourself?

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Books I've read last month

A month ago, I wrote: I don't know what I'll read next, but I'll look for something entertaining. I found what I was looking for. Out of the 8 "books" I've read last month, 7 were graphic novels.

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