Zenika - iText in Action

I've posted the slides I used a Zenika (Paris, March 10, 2011) on SlideShare:

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The iText Office Floor...

... is currently not accessible:

I like the fact that our office is housed in a 100+ year old villa, but once in a while, you experience some disadvantages. The beams that were used in the floor were completely rusty and the masonry of the arches was deteriorating fast. I hope we have a new floor soon, because I'm not working in ideal circumstances right now.

Three days in Paris

A mini-iText conference, an interview and a business dinner at Le Pré Catalan. Those were three days in Paris well spent. But now back to day-to-day business. Let's take a look at out mailbox...

Tomorrow: iText conference in Paris


Bruno Lowagie, l'auteur de la librairie Java-PDF iText, sera exceptionnellement en France pour vous présenter les nouveautés de la deuxième édition de son livre "iText in Action".

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Google Analytics — February 2011

I don't like February, because it's a month that shows a dip in every curve: less days = less hits, less visitors, less sales too. For instance: in January, we had 58,830 unique visitors; in February we only had 58,257 (which isn't bad at all: 99% of the result in only 90% of the days). The heart beat of the project also looks healthy:

In January, the record of average visitors a day of November 2010, was beaten by one unit: 3002 instead of 3001 visitors a day. This record was broken once more in February with an average of 3285 visits a day.

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Public notice: iText®

1T3XT BVBA wishes to communicate that the name iText has been Trademarked:

Trademark Application No.: 77/910,731;
filed: January 13, 2010
now Registration No.: 3,918,709;
Registered: February 15, 2011 for the mark: "iText"

From now on, please use the designation ® whenever you refer to iText®.

Importing the CAcert root certificate as trusted root in Adobe Reader

This blogpost is an answer to a follow up question on the iText forum. I deliberately disallowed the use of images on that forum, but I need some screen shots to show that the message "The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified." isn't a real issue.
When I open a PDF that is signed using a CAcert public/private key pair, I used to get this message (click the image for more detail):

This is normal, because the CAcert Root Certificate isn't shipped with Adobe Reader by default. You need to add it yourself.

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Trademark scams

If I didn't know better, I'd almost had a heart attack when I opened my (snail) mailbox this morning. On one and the same day, I received three letters that looked as if they were invoices for a total amount of about $7,500 (click the images for more detail):

patentonline.org RIPT WDTP
$2,692.50 $2,662.50 1.629,00 euro

Fortunately, I immediately recognized the letters. I had already received one right after my application for a Trademark for iText®was published.

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Books I've read last month

My name is Bruno Lowagie, and I'm a reader.
Hi Bruno!
I've read five books since Januari 21st.
Tell us about them, Bruno.

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iText 5.0.6 has been released

The most substantial changes are in the HTMLWorker functionality. Some new features were added, but most of all: the code has been rewritten to make it easier to extend. This will allow us to support more tags and styles soon (in iText 5.1.0).

We also have a new core developer, Balder Van Camp, who is screening the code, optimizing performance and reducing the memory use. He has also moved the resources (such as font metrics) from the source code directories into a separate folder. More code reorganizations will follow in iText 5.1.0.

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