Silicon Valley: the flight

I woke up at 3:40 AM yesterday, and by the time it was 5:30 I was at the Brussels airport for a short flight to Amsterdam. Normally, there was a flight at 10:20 from Amsterdam straight to San Francisco, but we didn't have any luck: first the flight was delayed until 13:10.

Waiting, sending an SMS home:

Eventually we stopped looking at our watch. I think we had about 4 hours delay.
More waiting:

The flight took about 11 hours. Incidentally, I was sitting next to somebody who knew (and uses) iText. Note that our boarding passes were also made using iText.
It's probably no concidence that I'm a Saint in the Bay Area:

In Brussels and Amsterdam, you have to walk miles to get to the right gate, but in SFO, you can use the blue line:

I think I recognized Sam. I'm pretty sure he also helped us get a car last time we visited Silicon Valley.

To be continued...


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