Silicon Valley day 5 & 6: pitching our idea + an unconference in San Jose

On Friday, we had the grande finale of the immersion week.
We have been working late on Thursday night:

This is me pitching iText:

After the pitch, we had lunch with some EIRs: Enterpreneurs in Residence.

Bruce and Bruno:

Valérie unleashed:

On our way to San Francisco:

It's January, it's 20° C, let's go to the beach.

The iText delegation in San Francisco:

Fisherman's wharf:

Bruno and Jan from whos-in:

Jan on peer 39:

Valérie on peer 39:

On Saturday, we went to CLSWest. It was very interesting. I must take this idea to Belgium and talk about it to those organizing Barcamps:

We were early. In some rooms, there wasn't a large audience:

In the later sessions, the rooms were full:

In the evening, we drove to Santa Rosa to meet with our sales people.


See also Bruno's profile on Google+