Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs

Once again, I have several boxes of books waiting in the hallway of my house:

Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs - Eric Kenis

This is the fourth book by Eric Kenis about entrepreneurs in Belgium, the first one that is written in English.

Drie verhaaltjes

Ik ontdekte onlangs de web site waar elke week een schrijfopdracht gegeven wordt door divers schrijfcoaches. Aangezien ik me weer op het schrijven gesmeten heb, dacht ik: die opdrachtjes zijn ideaal om de schrijfspieren te oefenen. Ik ga proberen elke week een eigen invulling te geven aan de opdracht.

Legal Techathon UGent

Law students and technology students at UGent joined forces in the weekend of November 9 to 11 in Belgium's first Legal Techathon. Five teams of five students presented the result of 36 hours of work to a jury on Sunday November 11. I was part of the jury, and I was amazed by the amount of work that was done in two nights and one day.

Twitter is cleaning up accounts

I already tweeted about it about a week ago:

Tweet about suspended Twitter accounts

Translated to English: For the first time in a long time, the saldo of new followers versus accounts that stopped following me is negative. When I check what causes this, I see that most of the unfollowers are "suspended accounts": #bigcleanupattwitter.

FilmFest Ghent 2018

If we don't pick up our phone, if we do not answer mail, don't worry: we haven't disappeared from the surface of the earth, not literally in any case. We'll be in flight mode for the next two weeks, due to the International Film Festival in Ghent:

Film Festival Ghent, poster on screen

Return to an old hobby

Between the age of 16 and 18, I spent at least 10 hours a week in a school of arts, painting oil paintings. Last weekend, I decided to see if my old brushes and paint were still any good. Not in the least, I also wanted to know if my painting skills were still any good. So I set up my easel:

Easel and oil paint