What a strange year 2018 was...

Looking back on the previous year is easy for me.

Three times a year, I take all the pictures I've taken, and I bundle them in a book. Yesterday, I received part 3:

Albelli books 2018

When I browse the pages of these books, I have a visual overview of the events I've been to and the places I've visited. The stack gets bigger every year.

Albelli Albums

If I want to see my year in numbers, I can always consult TripIt:

TripIt travels 2018

Openflights allows me to plot these travels on a map:

Openflights map travels 2018

But the most important event that happened to me in 2018 is yet to be documented: the way I was ousted from the company I once founded. I didn't even get a farewell party. I had to go to court to make the new owners respect my rights. The lawsuit is still ongoing as the counterparty went into appeal after I won the first lawsuit.

For 2019, I made a single resolution: I want to win at least one writing contest.

I already submitted a couple of short stories in different competitions. I use those short stories as exercises to write a book about what happened to me in 2018. I can't do this right away because I need some distance from the events and I also want to know what will eventually be decided by the court.

2019 will be different from the previous years in many aspects. I feel like I'll have to reinvent myself from scratch. That's scary, but challenging. I've been writing short stories for a month now, and I really enjoy the new routine I've established. I really wonder what the future will bring.


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