Entreprenerd Website: June 2021

The entreprenerd website had an average of 100 visitors a day. Is that great? No. Is that OK? I think so, especially since I didn't spent any money on SEA.

Visitors Entreprenerd website June 2021

As for SEO, there's a small change in the top 3 of keywords people used to find the website. The top three of keywords that made people click on the link to the website in May was (1.) iText, (2.) Lowagie, and (3.) Bruno Lowagie. In April, it was (1.) iText, (2.) Lowagie iText, and (3.) Lowagie.

Search performance Entreprenerd site

June is the first month that iText isn't the #1 source of clicks.

I expected the US to be on the first place, but most people visiting the Entreprenerd website live in Germany. China and India are in third and fourth place (I don't understand why Google uses a different order when visualizing the top 7).

Entreprenerd website geographical origin of visits

The significant drop (-72.3%) of Belgian visitors is easy to understand. I launched a mail campaign in May, informing people in my network about the release of the book. A large part of my network consists of people living in Belgium.

Entreprenerd origin of the hits on the website

When we look how visitors are "acquired," we see the same top 5 as in May, except that LinkedIn dropped two places. I didn't succeed in creating a Tweet that resulted in a peak as was the case on May 12 and I was less active on LinkedIn.

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