Entreprenerd Website: January 2022

Every month, I look at the metrics of the Entreprenerd website despite the fact that I assume that the numbers are skewed due to plenty of irrelevant visits.

The amount of users went up last month, but the average engagement time is still extremely poor:

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: users January 2022

I repeat what I wrote last month: I still can't explain the many visits from Finland and The Netherlands.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: world January 2022

There's a new kid on the block with respect to user acquisition. The source of the majority of hits is unknown. Once more Baidy has beaten Google. Twitter is always on the fourth place, but the top 5 is now completed with the web site https://daniel.haxx.se.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: acquisition January 2022

I posted a comment on a blog post entitled Enforcing the Pyramid of Open Source, and this generated 55 users visiting the Entreprenerd web site in 89 sessions, of which 39 were engaged sessions. On average, people clicking the link on Daniel's blog spent 4 minutes and 15 seconds on my web site. Whether this resulted in actual book sales is unknown, but might be a good idea to look for similar blog posts to comment on.

details about the acquistion source of visits to the Entreprenerd web site

The Google Search shows an enormous drop in the number of total clicks (from 52 to 23) and impressions (from 6.57K to 1.69K).

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search January 2022

The question is whether these numbers are correct. When I look at the top queries, it looks as only 3 people visited the web site after performing a search, whereas 23 are expected.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search keywords January 2022

This error doesn't occur when I look at which devices were used. This overview shows 23 clicks.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search devices January 2022

Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to explain the poor results in terms of SEO. What really matters are the book sales, and those went up in January, but that's for another blog post.

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