Entreprenerd Website: March 2022

The number of users (and new users) of the Entreprenerd web site went down in March, but that's a good thing, because I finally got rid of some suspicious one-time visits that brought down the average engagement time. Four seconds still isn't much, but no one is served with visits that only last close to zero seconds:

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: users January 2022

As explained last month, most of these really short visits found their origing in Finland (-97.3%) and The Netherlands (-95.9%). Unfortunately, visits from Germany (-5.3%), the US (-28.7%) and France (-91.0%) dropped as well.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: world January 2022

The usual suspects Twitter and LinkedIn don't appear in the session source overview. That was to be expected. I haven't tweeted about the book last month, nor have readers of the book.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: acquisition January 2022

The Google Search clicks dropped too (from 36 to 19), as did the total number of impressions (from 4.03K to 1.86K).

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search January 2022

The book really needs to find its second breath. When I look at the (incomplete) sales numbers for March, I see that I only sold eight copies. I don't expect that number to go up. When I look at my affiliate sales for the month, I didn't notice any hardcover sales. I do have an agreement for a large sale in May, but I'm not sure if I can expect better results in April. That's a pity, because the people who have read the book really loved it.

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