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About half a year ago, I published the sales results of my 2021 book Entreprenerd. I sold 70 copies in the first half of 2023; sales dropped to 35 copies in the second half of the year. That number isn't definitive yet, because some sales channels don't report every sale immediately, but I don't expect big changes.

Overview of the sales of the book Entreprenerd

So far, I've sold 812 copies of the book. It comes in three versions: hardcover, paperback and eBook.

It's hard to calculate the exact revenue because I receive royalties in all kinds of currencies. To make it easy for myself, I use a currency value table that is fixed in time. I know this isn't correct, but it's the best I can do. Using that inaccurate method, I've made €5,197.28 in royalties so far.

Amazon KDP is still the top selling channel (189 eBooks and 122 paperbacks). Its reports allow us to see where the books were sold. Let's take a closer look:

311 books sold on Amazon KDP

311 books sold on Amazon KDP: distribution over the different Amazon stores

311 books sold on Amazon KDP: revenue distribution over the different Amazon stores

Observe the difference in revenue estimated by Amazon versus my own guesstimate.

The difference of €94.46 is easy to explain. I use the same fixed currency values for the American dollar, British Pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Polish Zloty, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, and Brazilian dollar since 2021. Amazon's estimate takes into account the currency values at the end of each month. The royalties that are actually paid use the currency values at the moment of payment. That makes it complicated, doesn't it?

Many people tell me those numbers are great; they also congratulate me on the great reviews I'm getting (last checked today, on July 6, 2023).

Site Rating # Votes
Goodreads 4.42 stars 24 votes
Amazon 4.6 stars 20 votes
Rakuten Kobo 4.33 stars 3 votes

I have no plans to write a book in 2024 (yet), but I wrote several short stories (most of them in Dutch) that will be published in anthologies and magazines that will be released in 2024. I also have a gentlemen's agreement with a local publisher to prepare a book containing 42 short stories that will be published in 2025 (also in Dutch). That should be fun!

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