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Last week, The Book Shelf fixed the last typos we found in the proof copies of my book Entreprenerd, and we also finalized the eBook version. I decided to do a soft release over the weekend. It usually takes some time for the different sales channels to publish the books, so I used a strict order.

First, I released the hardcover (printed by Blurb) on the Global Retail Network. Usually, Amazon is the first to pick up new books:

Entreprenerd hardcover on Amazon

I assume the book will appear on other channels, such as Barnes & Noble in the course of next week. Because the book is on the Global Retail Network, retail stores should also be able to order it if you ask for the book with the ISBN number 9781006996368.

Once the hardcover was available on Amazon, I released the Kindle eBook and the paperback version on Amazon KDP:

Entreprenerd eBook and paperback on Amazon KDP

I also released the eBook on Kobo WritingLife; I expect that it will be available online in the next couple of days, if not earlier.

Finally, I used Draft2Digital to release the eBook on some other channels, such as Vivlio. Unfortunately, I received the following message about Apple Books:

Book declined by Apple Books because it mentions a competitor

The company that once promoted the "Think Different" philosophy, doesn't like books that mention sales channels that are in direct competition with Apple Books. I don't know which competitor Apple Books doesn't like (the email doesn't tell), but I have done a first attempt to publish a censored version. We'll see if I guess correctly. If I was wrong, I will do some more attempts by replacing specific names, such as Apple, with descriptive names, such as the fruit company from Cupertino. With every new attempt, I will increase the price for people who only want to purchase the book from a company that censors authors wanting to publish on its platform.

If you are interested in buying the book. I am updating a sales page on a regular basis, adding new links as I see the book appear on more online book stores.

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