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Normally I wait until the month is halfway to share my book sales because the sales numbers sometimes have a couple of weeks of delay, but I will be very busy the next two weeks, so I'm advancing my monthly blog post with a week.

So far, I've sold 311 copies of my book Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software:

Entreprenerd Sales October 7, 2021

I am currently working on a deal with the organizers of an event that considers offering the paperback in their goodie bag. This will boost sales when the deal comes through, but it will also skew the distribution of eBook (more than 50%), hardcover (about 30%) and paperback sales (less than 20%):

Entreprenerd Sales per type October 7, 2021

There wasn't much change in the chart with the distribution over the different channels. There were no Leanpub sales in October; that percentage dropped from 19.5% to 18.3%, whereas the Amazon eBook sales increased from 19.5% to 26.4%. All the other percentages changed with at most half a percent.

Entreprenerd Sales per channel October 7, 2021

The total royalty revenue is now at €2,012.88 (virtually, the threshold for payment wasn't reached on all platforms yet). This is how those royalties are distributed over the different channels:

Entreprenerd October 7, 2021

The impact of the Global Retail revenue of the hardcover gains importance with every now book that is sold because that's the channel that results in the highest royalty per book. The Personal sales dropped because I am almost out of stock and I'm not actively looking to do personal sales anymore.

Going forward, I'll make about 5 euro in royalties per copy for most sales, except for the hardcover copies sold through the Global Retail Network that make me about 7 euro per copy. The personal sales making me 15 euro per copy were nice, but I prefer a third party to take care of the distribution.

Entreprenerd Sales royalties per channel October 7, 2021

Now that Covid-19 is almost behind us, you can always invite me as speaker at your event to talk about writing, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping versus venture capital, and so on.

This is me, talking about my books (in general, not just about Entreprenerd) for the book club of the library of Ypres (my hometown):

Bruno at the Book Club of the Ypres library

Bruno at the Book Club of the Ypres library

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