How many movies did I see in the first half of 2022

"Bruno, how many movies do you watch on a yearly basis?"

That was a question I was asked last year after my wife and I decided to buy a five-screen movie theater in the historical center of Ghent, Belgium. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer that question because I didn't keep track of every movie I watched. Curious to know the answer to that question, I decided to register every movie I watched in a Google Sheet. We are now halfway 2022 and I can now tell that I watched 117 movies in the past six months.

I saw some pretty bad movies, but if you'd asked me which movies I liked most so far, I also have to look at movies I watched last year at the film festival in Ghent because many of these movies were only available in the movie theaters this year. I'll have to take these movies into account when I make my list of the best movies of 2022:

I would like to add the following movies to this list of the first half of 2022:

These are some movies you should really see once they are officially released:

I am surprised that these movies were overlooked by movie theaters and distributors so far:

As for old movies, I liked these on Netflix:

The best films I watched on tv (or on one of the station's free streaming services):

That's not the complete list, of course, and I know I'm overlooking some other great movies I watched (and I won't say anything about some really bad movies), but this already gives you an idea of my taste in movies ;-)

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