Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs: book presentation

Last week, on January 22nd, I had the honor to introduce the author of the book "Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs" at his book presentation:

Introducing Eric Kenis and his book "Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs"

I explained how hard it is to write a book, as well as why it's important that this book was written.

Bruno Lowagie, presentation the book Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs

Bruno Lowagie presenting Belgium's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs

In the meantime, I've done some serious writing myself. I'm sticking to short stories right now, but the backstory of the characters and companies that will feature in a longer novel are getting in shape. I haven't really started writing the actual story yet because I still don't know how it will end. That doesn't depend on me alone as the story is still unfolding in real life.


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