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It's time for an update on the book sales of Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Sofware. 23 copies were sold in the last six months, resulting in an all-time total of 835 copies. Sales keep dropping: from 70 in 1H23, to 35 in 2H23, to 23 in 1H24

Distribution of the sales of the book 'Entreprenerd'

Let's compare the distribution (eBook vs paperback vs hardcover; channels) with the situation half a year ago. Between January and June 2024, I sold 16 eBooks (9 on Amazon KDP, 5 on LeanPub, and 2 through other channels), 7 paperbacks (5 on Amazon, 1 personal sale), and 1 hardcover (Ingram Distribution Network).

The estimated total of royalties accrued (but not necessarily already received) grew to €5,346.84. The actual total is probably slightly higher because I still use the currency exchange values I fixed on the book's release date.

Half a year ago, my KDP dashboard showed 311 sales. Adding the 9 eBook and 5 paperback sales, we get 325 sales on Amazon:

All-time 'Entreprenerd' book sales on Amazon

Amazon 'Entreprenerd' book sales / region

Amazon 'Entreprenerd' book sales revenue

According to my estimations (based on a fixed exchange rate for each currency), I have made €1,887.00 selling my book on Amazon. According to Amazon KDP's Royalty Estimator, I've made slightly more: €1,985.94. A difference of almost $100 that can easily be explained by fluctuations in, for instance, how many euros I get for each dollar.

Finally, I also checked how well the book scores according to its readers. I noticed that two more readers rated the book on Goodreads. This didn't affect the overall rating:

Site Rating # Votes
Goodreads 4.42 stars 26 votes
Amazon 4.6 stars 20 votes
Rakuten Kobo 4.33 stars 3 votes

Six months ago, I explained that I had no plans to write a book in 2024, but that several short stories were about to be published in anthologies and magazines. I've made great progress on that front. I've covered that in a separate blog post yesterday.

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